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You are the ones who decide what tune the country will be humming - without a doubt, a difficult job, filled with national responsibility. So instead of finding yourself buried under endless piles of plastic at home, at work, in the car - why not focus it all into one place? The Linktone platform binds all of the new local tracks plus all of the hits from abroad onto your desktop, in real-time, and in a user-friendly and smart operating system that recognizes your specific needs, while retaining the essence and unique visual appeal of the Linktone.

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Linktone Clip Linktone Clip Linktone Clip Linktone Clip Linktone Clip

The video-clip is making a strong comeback and taking center stage on-line. The Linktone Clip, comes with your song, putting focus on the clip. With its help, you’ll gain more distribution plus give people a new perspective of you and your new single.

Linktone Remix Linktone Remix Linktone Remix Linktone Remix Linktone Remix

Has your Linktone been released and now you’ve got some remixes?
That’s what Linktone Remix is for.
With Linktone Remix, you can remind the radio DJ’s of the original track plus give them new remixes that they can use.

Linktone Talk Linktone Talk

Want to take full advantage of your Linktone?
Want to really set yourself apart and pass along something smart and personal to anyone who opens your Linktone?
Give the listener a real and personal experience and turn your Linktone into a one-on-one interaction.