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Who is on LINKTONE’s distribution list?

Our distribution network is filled with offices, agencies and different media professionals from management, record and multimedia companies. Journalists, radio dj’s and programming directors as well as A&R executives are all on our list, which is designed according to ACUM statutes, which means that your track is protected from its first distribution.

What kind of media (format) am I supposed to upload?

In order for you to get the highest quality product out to our listeners, we require all formats to be of high resolution. Track/Song: .WAV 16/44 Graphics: .PDF 300 DPI Lyrics/Credits/Communiqué/: .doc (MS WORD) Videoclip: .AVI or .WMV Pictures/Logos: to be put on your LINKTONE page. Don’t forget to put your contact information on your LINKTONE page.

What is the process?

Based on the media we receive from you, we create a platform which becomes your LINKTONE – it is, in essence, a dialogue – you explain what you want to convey, we send you a mock-up, you give comments, approve, and we send it out.

How do I attach a video to my LINKTONE?

Videos are encouraged – video is essential to viral distribution. Adding a video gives your song another dimension.

Can I send my LINKTONE to a select group from your list?

Our system allows complete control of our distribution network, allowing you to decide who does and does not get to hear your track.

How will I know what happens to my track once the LINKTONE has been sent?

The artist is of the utmost importance to LINKTONE. One of the advantages of our viral system is that it allows you to see who heard/downloaded your track. As soon as your LINKTONE is online, you can see real-time statistics – which dj or programming director has your track on their desktop.

What can I do to help my LINKTONE’s distribution?

Your LINKTONE is YOURS! Once you own it, and/or have the distribution rights, you can distribute it virally on your own as well, in facebook, twitter, etc.

Media Peoples

Can I mark which songs I liked from the catalogue?

Of course! We are here to provide you with a comfortable and easy work platform. It’s all doable from the song manager section – here you can create folders and manage songs you liked/disliked, according to genre, songs for broadcast, etc.

How can I find an older LINKTONE from within the catalogue?

Using the search function, you can search by artist, song name, composer and lyricist.

How do I download a song?

Each LINKTONE comes in 3 formats and you are able to download from the catalogue or directly from the LINKTONE itself.

How often will I receive LINKTONES?

Our system allows you to decide- if you’re interested in new singles coming out daily or if you prefer a weekly list.

How do I get information on an artist?

As the LINKTONE is the new way to distribute a single, replacing plastic CD’s, all relevant information is right in the LINKTONE itself: pics., clips, communiqués, etc.

Can an artist tell if I have listened/downloaded their track?

Your privacy is important to us. We try to balance out the artist’s needs of knowing if their song has been listened to, with your need for privacy. We provide the artist a list of the stations that’ve downloaded the track without revealing names, emails, etc.