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We at Linktone believe that the word “internet” is not a bad thing… Viral distribution and emails don't need to be an alienating and cold way of circulating your media – on the contrary – it is a terrific opportunity to get your message out there in a way that wasn't possible until now. Part of this vision comes to life via our relationships with our clients and users of our platform. Please contact us with any issues you may have. We are always happy to help.

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What Users are Saying:


Contributing to Society

Eliav Muallem - Soul Music

Eliav Muallem - Soul Music - the song was a significant part of an extensive fund-raising project to raise funds for a kidney transplant for Avichai Levy.


KNOB - LET LOVE RULE - This LINKTONE was donated to The Israel Gay Youth Organization, to help raise funds and increase awareness after the horrific shooting attack that took place at a gay youth club in Tel Aviv.

The Israel Project for Immigrant Children

The Israel Project for Immigrant Children - My House is Your House - media professionals and musicians joined together to produce a song, donaed through LINKTONE to raise awareness of the issue.

Itzik Shamli - Mami

Itzik Shamli - Mami - This song was written specially for Shirutrom 2010 and became the symbol of the -fundraising day.

Itzik & Sivan - Touching the Horizon

Itzik & Sivan - Touching the Horizon – This LINKTONE was produced to promote of the annual Pitchon-Lev fundraising event.

We at LINKTONE believe with all of our hearts that everyone should and can do what they can to contribute to society.  We are happy to help and promote those projects and goals through the LINKTONE distribution network in any way we can.