Making your song come to virtual life!

Artists Login


20 seconds is all it takes to make a first impression.

A DJ should hear your track under the optimal conditions: without distractions from other songs and with you looking and sounding your best.

Your Linktone is sent directly to the DJ’s inbox and with one click gets your song in broadcast quality expressing your vision and setting you apart from other artists.

From here, it only depends on the chemistry between you two to work. With the release of your Linktone, you will be able to use the Artist Login to monitor which stations have listened to and downloaded your track.

Linktone Clip Linktone Clip Linktone Clip Linktone Clip Linktone Clip

The video-clip is making a strong comeback and taking center stage on-line. The Linktone Clip, comes with your song, putting focus on the clip. With its help, you’ll gain more distribution plus give people a new perspective of you and your new single.

Linktone Remix Linktone Remix Linktone Remix Linktone Remix Linktone Remix

Has your Linktone been released and now you’ve got some remixes?
That’s what Linktone Remix is for.
With Linktone Remix, you can remind the radio DJ’s of the original track plus give them new remixes that they can use.

Linktone Talk Linktone Talk

Want to take full advantage of your Linktone?
Want to really set yourself apart and pass along something smart and personal to anyone who opens your Linktone?
Give the listener a real and personal experience and turn your Linktone into a one-on-one interaction.