The Most Effective Way to Distribute Your Single - Linktone - And Your Connected!

How was LINKTONE Created?

Programming and Design:

The production of your LINKTONE is in essence, a dialogue: You show us how you want your LINKTONE and what kind of feeling you want to convey. At the end of the initial design stage, a mock-up will be sent for your comments, after which the LINKTONE goes through a final programming process allowing it to be downloaded in 3 different formats.



Our intelligent distribution system allows you to distribute your LINKTONE directly to the user via email allowing them to hear the track. There is no need to enter any personal information - just click on the LINKTONE and enjoy.


Follow Up:

With the distribution of your LINKTONE, you will receive login access allowing you to see on-line, who has listened to your track. With this knowledge, you will be able to focus your energies behind the scenes in the most efficient and effective way possible.


And Then What?

At the end of every week, we send out a newsletter with all of the new LINKTONEs released that week to every one of our users, essentially sending it to them a second time. In addition, as your LINKTONE is emailed directly to all the media professionals, it is also added to the front page of our catalogue, hosted on our website, allowing you to access it over and over again (for updates and reminders, you can distribute it virally via facebook, etc.).

About Linkton

LINKTONE is a dedicated site - dedicated to your song.

With just a click of the mouse, program managers, DJs, and the press can both listen and download your song with a unique system login and password.

The LINKTONE, delivered via email, provides all of your EPK (electronic press kit) needs in one easy and convenient package – pictures, bios, credits, videos and more - everything you want your public to see and hear.

It has never been easier to get music to radio.

The Highest Standards

The Highest Standards
  • Always on the DJ desk - LINKTONE is the main tool for receiving new music amongst Israeli media professionals.
  • Environmentally Friendly - using LINKTONE significantly reduces the use of plastic and paper, allowing for a cleaner and healthier environment.
  • High Fidelity - LINKTONE provides 3 different formats for download: .WAV, .MP3, and .MP2 - broadcast quality.
  • Design - it is important to us that the single does not lose its visual personality just because it’s online.
  • Personal Touch - the LINKTONE team recognizes that the LINKTONE creation process is a complex and emotional time for you. We are here to answer all of your questions and be there for you along the way.
חוות דעת

What Users are Saying:

על החברה


LINKTONE is first and foremost about people - people that care about their work, and yours. They also enjoy what they do. Why? Because we have the honor of doing what we love to do: music!

We understand the trials and tribulations of the artist and the creative process, as well as the desire of sharing it with the world. That is why we created this platform. The number one distribution platform in Israel.

We at LINKTONE believe that giving up on an actual, physical CD, does not mean giving up on quality, fidelity or design. On the contrary - it is an opportunity to create a real dialogue and convey things you wouldn’t have been able to before. The LINKTONE team is committed to promoting music in Israel and abroad using new technology and innovative ideas, based on experience and an intimate knowledge of the industry.

We have collected the top people in the field to provide an unprecedented level of service to all our users. We at LINKTONE hope you will take the leap and enjoy an easier, better, clearer way of getting your music to the right ears at the right time.

It has never been easier to receive new music from the field.

In addition to the significant reduction in cost, LINKTONE is also eco-friendly as it reduces both paper and plastic use.